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Angel Orensanz Wedding Photographer

An Angel Orensanz Wedding Photographer is privy to the exceptional artistry and cultural space of the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts. The foundation was established in 1992 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan as an artistic and cultural resource open to artists, writers, thinkers from all walks of life. The structure is the oldest surviving synagogue building in New York City, but today it is most known for the elaborate weddings held within its walls. An Angel Orensanz Wedding Photographer has a myriad of opportunities to take pictures of the beautiful venue and the joyful celebrations it hosts. This picture shows the groom at this wedding is looking out over the New York City and has a few small details that make it very appealing to the eye. The groom is the center of the photo as he gazes at the skyline, holding a celebratory glass of champagne. The window frames and the lines made by the balcony zero in on the him, making him impossible to miss. The groom’s image is mirrored in the window behind him, providing symmetry to the photo and giving the moment a reflective quality. Beyond the groom, one can see the faint outline of the distant Empire State Building. Other skyscrapers, making up the glory of that Manhattan skyline can be viewed through the glass of the balcony. Dusk sets over the city and lights begin to glisten on the streets below as the groom stands apart from the day’s festivities for this quiet moment high above the city.