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Arrow Park Lake and Lodge Wedding

An Arrow Park Lake and Lodge Wedding is set at a century-old mansion in the Hudson Valley area of New York. Arrow Park Lake and Lodge is a private resort that is both charmingly simple and stylishly European. The resort is not open to the general public, making an Arrow Park Lake and Lodge Wedding a very personal experience. The scenery at Arrow Park is breath-taking and offers a romantic “old world” atmosphere to its guests. The resort prides itself on being surrounded by the natural beauty provided by Hudson Valley, and for providing its guests with a relaxing location for a New York getaway. This image from an Arrow Park wedding shows the bride basking in the fresh air and sunlight. She stands on the deck of a room in the main house of the resort, ready for her wedding day. The bride is elegant in her wedding gown and veil, as both are blown by the gentle breeze that brushes over her figure. Her veil lifts into the air, giving her an air of enchantment, and she looks as though she has stepped off the pages of a storybook. The bride is liken to a princess, standing on her balcony, waiting for her prince to come. She glances over her shoulder, almost as though she is looking for him, scanning the horizon for her groom to appear and call to her from the ground below. The seclusion of the venue adds to the romantic image and storyline. Her room and the deck are surrounded by trees, whose branches reach up toward the sky and give the bride privacy. In a few moments the bride will descend from her balcony, and will join her groom for their very own happily ever after.