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Beach Wedding in Malibu

A Beach Wedding in Malibu is a wonder to experience. Malibu is a picturesque, coastal city in Los Angeles, California. The vibrancy, sunshine, and natural beauty of this area make a Beach Wedding in Malibu an occasion to remember. In this picture from a wedding in Malibu, the bride stands at the bottom of steps that lead beach goers to the ocean. She is ethereal in her flowing gown, and she shines brightly under the light of the California sun. The photograph is mostly filled with the image of a large rock wall. The rock wall provides contrast in the picture and adds texture to its background. The colors of the rock wall and the shadows that play over its surface make for a unique backdrop. The wall is sand colored; varying shades of brown, black, and gray; and in some places sparkles a bit as though there are gems hidden beneath the stone. The bride’s pale, blush colored dress stands out against the stone and blows gently in the breeze that flows over the shore from the sea. The sheer layers of the gown’s skirt float about her, giving her the appearance of an angel. On her feet, the bride wears simple white ballet flats. Wearing the flats will make it easier for the bride to walk along the beach when she departs from the stairs and steps onto the sand. The highlight of the picture is the expression on the bride’s face. The bride beams, as she feels the sun on her skin and breathes in the fresh, salty sea air. She is radiant in this moment, full of love and happiness after the marriage ceremony, and ready to begin life with the groom as husband and wife.