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Bedford NY Wedding Photographer

There are a number of venues may be experienced by a Bedford NY Wedding Photographer. Bedford, New York is a town that is located in the northeastern part of Westchester County. The historical area of New York state is divided into three hamlets: Bedford Hills, Bedford, and Katonah. The area is filled with historic structures and scenic expanses of forest, all to be captured by a Bedford NY Wedding Photographer. This Bedford wedding ceremony took place outdoors under the light of the summer sun. The sunlight gleams in the background of the image, giving off a glow so bright that it looks white. The sun illuminates the scene, and creates the feeling that this moment has truly been blessed. The blurred faces of guests appear behind the groom, who is the focus of this photograph. The rest of the picture is filled with the green of the tree leaves that surrounded the happy marriage ceremony. The ceremony followed Jewish wedding traditions, with the groom wearing a white kippah, or yarmulke. Above the groom and his bride, who is present off-camera, a chuppah, or wedding canopy, has been set up. The groom wears a blue suit and vest, with a white dress shirt and a violet colored tie. His expression is hidden, as he covers his eyes with his now ring-adorned hand. The groom was overcome by the emotions of the moment, and happy tears began to glisten in his eyes as he looked at his new wife. The day was filled with moments like this, overrunning with joy and the tenderness of the love shared by the bride and groom.