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Best Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn

Only the Best Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn would be able to capture images of newlyweds that showcase both the unique setting and the emotions of the day. This image of the bride and groom at a Brooklyn Winery Wedding, shows the couple sharing a private moment away from their guests and the wedding reception. As the Best Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn, I knew that it was important for the bride and groom to have time to be alone together. A wedding day is a joyful occasion, filled with attention from loved ones who have traveled from all over to witness the joining of the bride and groom in marriage. While couples are always incredibly grateful to their families and friends for joining them on their special day, newlyweds also need a moment or two to be away from the flurry of activities and social interactions that fill the wedding day. That is why for this picture, I stood outside one of the Brooklyn Winery windows to capture this image of the bride and groom. I wanted to be sure to give the couple time alone, to simply breathe and be with one another, to reflect on the events of the day, and to enjoy time together as newlyweds. After all, isn’t that what a wedding day is about? The bride and groom becoming one, united, married couple? This photograph depicts the couple kissing inside of winery. Above them a warm lamp glows and illuminates their happy figures. The lamp also highlights the intricate designs on the ceiling overhead and the antique wallpaper that is unique to the Brooklyn Winery. It is an image that radiates with the love that has flowed throughout the day.