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Best Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley

To be the Best Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley, one must know which images are essential to creating tangible memories from a wedding day. This photo is one that the Best Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley knows is an important one for the bride and for her family. In the picture,  the bride begins her walk down the aisle with her father. The wedding ceremony, which took place at the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa, was an outdoor occasion in a beautiful natural setting. The bride is radiant in her wedding attire and under the light of the afternoon New York sun. The summer rays beam down on this blessed day, giving the scene an enchanting glow. That glow almost seems to come not from the sun, but from the bride herself. She is stunning in a strapless, satin gown with ruching up and down the fabric. A pale, gray-violet ribbon is tied about her waist, and in her hand is a cascade of flowers. Her bouquet is magnificent, with vibrantly colored flora in a variety of types: from green leave, to bold red roses, to small white buds. The bride smiles broadly at the guests who have gathered about the scene, and she looks ahead to the face of the groom, the man she will soon call her husband. Her father’s expression is bittersweet. This is a proud moment for him as a dad, and he takes his daughter’s arm confident in the woman she has become and in the man she has chosen as her husband. There is also a moment of nostalgia in this “giving away” of his daughter for the father of the bride. He watched her take her first steps as a child, and now he will watch her take her first steps as a grown woman in marriage.