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Best Wedding Photographer in New York

As the Best Wedding Photographer in New York, I have experienced a myriad of wedding ceremonies at a number of venues. A wedding ceremony and reception at Studio 450 is perfect for a New York event and only the Best Wedding Photographer can capture all of the scenes and moments at this incredible venue. Studio 450 is a penthouse event space in New York City. The venue is a large, open loft, with expansive windows that give wedding attendees a spectacular view of the New York City skyline from every angle. This image from a Studio 450 wedding shows the bride and groom sharing their first kiss as a married couple under the chuppah. The chuppah is a canopy used in a Jewish wedding ceremony that is meant to symbolize the home that the couple will create together and welcome others into. This chuppah was made from four thin, potted sticks, with bouquets of vibrant flowers on every corner of the structure. A white, sheer sheet served as the canopy overhead. Behind the couple is the ketubah, a Jewish marriage agreement. This agreement is an integral part of the traditional Jewish marriage, and typically outlines the responsibilities of the groom in regard to being a good husband to his bride. It is clear in this image that the groom is smitten with his bride, as the pair kiss beneath the chuppah. Sunlight streams in through the large Studio 450 windows, illuminating the scene of the wedding ceremony and giving the space an ethereal atmosphere. This is a day and marriage that has been truly blessed with love.