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Best Wedding Photographer in Newport

The Best Wedding Photographer in Newport is able to incorporate Newport’s incredible setting with scenes from the occassion. One of the most incredible places for a wedding in this area is Regatta Place. Regatta Place is located on the historic Goat Island portion of Newport, Rhode, Island. Regatta Place is an elegant venue that prides itself on showcasing Newport’s rich sailing tradition. Weddings at this picturesque venue are captured perfectly by the Best Wedding Photographer in Newport. In this photograph, the bride and groom stand on the deck at the bow of a sailboat at Regatta Place. I took this picture from inside the boat’s cabin by the wheel. Doing this resulted in the figures of the bride and groom being framed by the cabin window. Below them the water rolls by in small waves, tapping against the sides of the sailboat. Behind the newlyweds, the sky is stormy and filled with dark clouds. The clouds have turned a dark gray-blue color as the evening turns fully to night. The bride and groom stand out brightly against this dark backdrop. They stand a little bit apart, holding hands, and gazing into one another’s eyes. The groom looks regal in his traditional black tuxedo, white dress shirt, and black bow tie. The bride appears as a princess, in a strapless wedding gown that would rival Cinderella’s dress. The skirt of the gown flows out from the bodice in layers of tulle, fanning out over the deck of the boat. The bride and groom smile as the stand on the bow, holding one another under the stormy skies, and ready to face whatever life throws their way, together.