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Best Wedding Photographers in Hudson Valley

The Best Wedding Photographers in Hudson Valley know that the small details of a wedding day are just as important as the big ones. In this picture the bride is being made ready for her big day. As one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Hudson Valley, I know the importance of taking pictures of the bride with her mother and bridesmaids as she prepares for the celebrations to come. In the image, the bride patiently waits as her mother buttons up the back of her beautiful gown. The dress is a vintage style gown, covered in lace. The back of the dress is made up of sheer fabric, with satin buttons running down its center. The buttons add a unique, chic detail to the gown. The bride’s mother works nimbly, connecting each delicate button with its matching loop. It is a task that takes time and patience, and it gives the mother of the bride and her daughter some time alone. It provides them with a moment that is just for the two of them, where the mother can take in the beautiful woman before her.  The bride’s mother can become a little bit emotional in this moment, as she buttons up her not-so-little girl’s wedding dress. It takes her back to the years of helping her daughter with similar tasks as she grew up: helping the bride as a young child to button up her jacket, tie her shoes, zip up a dress, and adjust her high school graduation gown. Now, she looks at her daughter, a grown woman, and pride shines forth from her glistening eyes as she brings her attention to the task at hand.