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Best Wedding Venues in Mystic

Latitude 41 is considered to be one of the Best Wedding Venues in Mystic. Latitude 41 was named for its location, but also to convey a feeling, a state of being. Latitude 41 was named with the intention of providing a place for people that highlighted the importance of finding your place in the world, of finding your own path among all the degrees and directions one crosses over each day. With this meaning behind the name of the venue, how fitting it is that Latitude 41 is a place where couples can chose to begin their marriage journeys. In this photograph from a wedding at Latitude 41, one of the Best Wedding Venues in Mystic, the bride holds her bouquet up to the camera for an artistic capture of this detail of her wedding day.  The top of the bride’s face is cut from the image, but her smile is still visible. It shines in the image, and even while her smile is not the focus of the photo it draws the eye with its radiance. The bride’s dark hair falls in loose curls over her bare shoulders and over the top of her bodice. Her wedding gown is made of beautiful white satin that flows down from a sweetheart top. At the center of the image is the bouquet. The bridal bouquet is delicate and breath-taking, with a variety of flowers making up the lovely creation. Green leaves and flowers in varying shades of pink, white, and peach spill from the middle of the bouquet, with sprigs of other flora spiraling out from the bundle of beauty. It is a uniquely pretty assortment of flowers for a uniquely wonderful day.