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Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding

The Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding venue is ideal for those looking for a romantic escape for their special day, without having to travel far. Approximately 45 minutes from New York City in historic Hudson Valley, the Blue Hill at Stone Barns is simply enchanting. This area is one of my favorites to photograph in, especially in the fall when the scenery is alive with the changing foliage. A Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding provides ample opportunities for outdoor pictures and allows couples to act naturally as they explore the grounds. In this picture, the bride and groom are spending some time alone after their first look photo. The two appear ready for an adventure as they walk hand and hand into the future. All that surrounds them in this moment is fresh air, sky, and open fields. The sky above them is a bit cloudy, but only sunshine is in their hearts. There is a sense of peace about them as they stroll through the grass. The couple seems to have all the time in the world to just hold hands and wander about. They look down as they walk, watching each step forward with soft smiles. Often the day of the wedding can seem to fly by, so giving the bride and groom time to breathe and simply be with each other is precious. They will cherish this walk and can relive the memory whenever they wish through their pictures.