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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding

A Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding allows guests to feel that they are miles away from the busy streets of New York City, without having to travel far. Every season at a Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding offers something different, from bluebell flowers in the spring to beautiful foliage in the fall. The view of the gardens are lovely to photograph, and are something couples and their guests will remember for years to come. This photograph shows the tranquil beauty of the venue and the outdoor area of a reception. The image shows a young boy looking out over the small reflection pool at the center of the gardens. It’s been a long day for him as a ring bearer. The boy stands with one foot resting on the edge of the pool, as he picks at a dinner roll. Drinks and horderves stand abandoned on a table in the background while the adults are celebrating and dancing, but this little boy is finding enjoyment in the peaceful evening air. The pool has a very calming effect on the scene. The allure of the venue’s gardens are not in this image; however, the lush green of the trees surrounding this area can be seen in the reflection of the water. Lily pads float in the pool, and the boy watches for any fish who might swim by. Wedding receptions are filled with so much liveliness and movement, that this peaceful moment of a small boy standing still is incredibly refreshing.