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Brooklyn Winery Wedding Photos

Brooklyn Winery Wedding Photos have a special vintage flare to them. The winery is elegant, with a rustic look and feel that can only be found in a Brooklyn establishment. Brooklyn Winery Wedding Photos showcase the venue’s reclaimed wood tables, its authentic barrel room, and the gorgeous glass ceiling of its Atrium.  A Brooklyn Winery wedding also shows off the building’s beautiful barn wood walls, a zinc-topped wine bar, vintage 1940s wallpaper, mid century light fixtures, and other one-of-a-kind details. In this image from a wedding reception at the Brooklyn Winery, the groom sits alone, taking a quiet moment for himself. He sits on a stately maroon leather couch, relaxing away from the bustle of the party in the next room. It is an image that shows the groom in peaceful contemplation, as he takes in the events of the day and reflects on how lucky he is to now call his bride, his wife. The groom wears a classic black suit and white dress shirt, with a bold red tie that stands out against the muted colors that surround him. Behind the groom, wood wall paneling leads to antique wallpaper. The wallpaper, one of the details of decor that the winery is noted for, is designed with dark red patterns and is covered in faded portraits. These portraits show images of people and memories from long ago, images that focus on the wonders of the past. The photographs add to the feeling of the setting and remind those who sit before them of the value held in remembering the past; however, in this instant, the groom is mainly focused on the future.