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Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

As a Cape Cod Wedding Photographer there are a number of lovely venues to experience, including Sage Inn and Lounge, Wychmere Beach Club, Sea Crest Beach Hotel, Coonamessett Inn, the Flying Bridge Restaurant, the Ridge Club, Lighthouse Inn, the Brookside Club, Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, and Chatham Bars Inn. Cape Cod is a peninsula located in Massachusetts, and is a popular summertime destination for travelers near and far. At a ceremony and reception at this location, a Cape Cod Wedding Photographer is guaranteed to capture the beauty of rocky cliffs, stunning waterfronts, and most importantly -- each beautiful, heartfelt moment. This Cape Cod wedding photo displays one of the smaller aspects of a reception, but it is no less significant in creating a day that is truly unique for the bride and groom. The image shows the pristine image of the table setting before the guests arrive at the reception. It is the calm before the whirlwind of excitement and joy that will soon take over the room. The photograph is clear and bright, with natural light flowing through the windows and illuminating the tables within the venue. Each piece of silverware is carefully placed, waiting for the guests to arrive and begin the celebration. On each plate sit small candies in pastel colors, held within delicate sheer gift bags. The candies are placed on top of cards that show off a classic Cape Cod sunset. That sunset has special meaning for the couple, who have spent many a summer day on the shores of the Cape, just as they will spend this magical day.