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Central Park Wedding Photography

Central Park Wedding Photography showcases one of the most visited urban parks in the United States. The park was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and over the years has been the setting of films, concerts, plays, dates, and Central Park Wedding Photography. Central Park was originally established in 1857 on 778 acres of land. In 1873, the park was expanded to its current size of 843 acres. The park holds a number of incredible attractions, one being the Bethesda Terrace. Bethesda Terrace is considered by many to be the heart of Central Park, with an elaborately decorated passage that runs beneath it. That passage is pictured in this photograph from pictures taken of a couple celebrating their wedding day in New York City. The bride and groom stand within the Bethesda Terrace Arcade, which was created in the 1860s and is one of Central Park’s main architectural features. The highlight of the arcade is the grand design of its Minton Tile ceiling. The arcade was installed in 1869, with more than 15,000 vibrant patterned tiles covering the ceiling. The tiles were made by the Minton Tile Company of England who created them in the encaustic style, which was normally used for flooring. The arcade is the only place in the world where these Minton tile are used for a ceiling. Beneath this gorgeous ceiling, the newlyweds stand close together after their winter NYC wedding, creating a magical scene. A chilly wind blows through the passageway, but the pair don’t seem to be bothered by the cold. The groom tips his forehead down to rest against that of his bride, a smile evident on his face even with most of it turned away from the camera. The bride shares his joy, radiating contentment and love in this historic, memorable setting.