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Connecticut DIY Wedding

A Connecticut DIY Wedding can be whatever the bride and groom wish it to be. This Connecticut DIY Wedding was a spectacular event at a private estate, featuring an outdoor marriage ceremony and an exquisitely decorated reception tent. A “Do It Yourself” wedding is always a treat for guests because it really shows off the personality and style of the bride and groom. This black and white wedding photograph showcases the bride dancing with the flower girl. It is an image that symbolizes the merriment of the entire day and the uninhibited fun that was had at the wedding reception. In the picture, the bride twists low on the dance floor, a wide smile lighting up her whole face. Her dark hair falls over her shoulders in elegant curls, and her lace covered dress moves easily with her as she dances the night away. The bride laughs with the flower girl, singing along to the words of the song that vibrates throughout the tent area. The flower girl is having a blast at the event. The little girl dances in the excited, carefree way that only a child can. Watching her enjoy herself so completely brings joy to the family members around her, especially to the bride. The pure joy on the face of the child is telling of how incredibly happy this day has been. Every guest was up and dancing at the reception, overcome by the spirit of celebration that permeated the wedding day. It was a day that each person in attendance will remember for years to come.