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Connecticut Outdoor Weddings

Connecticut Outdoor Weddings are a magical experience. There are a number of amazing locations in the state of Connecticut for a beautiful wedding, especially for those who wish for Connecticut Outdoor Weddings. The outdoor wedding pictured is an enchanting scene with guests gathered under the tent at the reception. The evening sky has turned royal blue behind the silhouette of the trees that rise up around the area of the celebration. Tables that are adorned with white linens sit beneath the tent with used settings scattered over their surfaces. At this point in the evening hardly any guests are left sitting. Most of the guests have gravitated to the dance floor, while others mill about the scene chatting with friends, old and new. The tent’s canopy is lined with string of lights that look like tiny fairies dancing above the crowd. The lights illuminate the scene and give it a warm glow, as the festivities of the day begin to come to a close. In the back left corner of the tent, guests and the newlyweds continue to move and groove as music floats through the space. As it is almost the end of the evening, the bride and groom are both on the dance floor, right at its center. Surrounded by their loved ones they twist and turn, embracing the merriment of their very special day. Under the twilight of the Connecticut sky, the newlyweds and guests hold on to these last moments of celebration. It was an evening that the bride, groom, and their guests will remember for a lifetime.