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CT Backyard Wedding Photographer

A CT Wedding Photographer is able to experience a variety of wedding traditions and styles that are unique to the couple being celebrated. A backyard wedding can be exceptionally unique, and couples can truly make the day their own. With a backyard wedding, brides and grooms are able to determine each detail and moment of the day. They are free to spend as much as they desire and they are able to decide what aspects of their wedding celebration are most important to them. As a CT Wedding Photographer, I was privileged to witness the love between this incredible bride and groom. The decorations and pace of the day were set by the couple, making for an especially beautiful ceremony and reception. In this photo, I captured the bride and groom walking together as husband and wife just after they had said their vows. The picture is focused on the joy-filled expression of the bride. She is radiant against a backdrop of lush, green leaves. Her ivory gown is adorned with flowered lace details that cover the length of the dress. It gives the dress a classic, vintage feel that is still trendy and modern. Turquoise drops hang from the bride’s ears and peak though her dark hair, as it falls in loose curls over her shoulders. Her makeup is elegant and it accentuates the bride’s already lovely face as she gazes up at her husband. In this moment her attention is focused on the groom, the person she loves most in the world.