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CT Farm Wedding

There are a number of venues to hold a CT Farm Wedding including Geer Tree Farm, the White Barn at South Farms, Candlelight Farms Inn, the Inn At Mount Pleasant, the Barns at Wesleyan Hills, Webb Barn, Wright’s Mill Farm, and Tyrone Farm. There is nothing like the classic rustic style of a farm wedding, or a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony. Each of these factors make a CT Farm Wedding a truly memorable day. This farm wedding was held at the Candlelight Farms Inn. The sun is shining down on the event, dancing about the bride and her guests as it filters through tree branches overhead. The scene is painted with bright blue skies and lush green trees. Looking at the imagery presented in the picture is like taking in a big breath of fresh air. The bride is radiant on her day, as her parents escort their little girl down the grassy aisle. Their expressions are jubilant and proud in this precious moment. Her parents feel joy for the festivities of day and for all the family and friends who have come to join them in their celebration and they feel pride in the little girl they have raised to become such an incredible woman. The bride walks between her mother and father, with a natural smile playing on her lips as she briefly turns her attention to a young guest snapping a picture. Her ivory dress flows about her in an ethereal way as she steps toward her future husband. The dress is unadorned, save for thick lace straps and a belt of white roses. The bride’s hair is pulled back under a lace headpiece that attaches to her veil. There is a look of affection of the face of each guest who has come to witness the love of this day, and all eyes are on the bride as she continues to step forward.