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DIY New York Wedding

It is the little details that make a DIY New York Wedding extra special. A “Do It Yourself” wedding is an especially unique event because it allows the couple to make every aspect of the wedding day a tribute to their individual personalities and styles. The detail in this image that shows off one piece of this DIY New York Wedding is the light up “BAR” sign that glows in the dark of the evening. The sign is hung from a wooden pole, with vines and greenery covering the pole’s surface. The “BAR” sign signals brightly to guests, showing them the way to the designated cocktail area. The sign is lit by a warm golden light, an elegantly charming “Do It Yourself” addition to the details of the wedding celebrations. Behind the sign, the night sky grows darker, highlighting its frame. In the twilight the sky has become a dark shade of royal blue, giving the image an ambiance of enchantment. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding ceremony and it is turning out to be a magical evening for a wedding reception. Beneath the deep blue of the painted evening sky, trees reach up as dark silhouettes.The branches of the trees blow gently in the cooler air of this New York summer night. They sway in time with the music that floats from the reception, dancing in the night. Off-camera, the newlyweds join in joyfully, dancing the night away and celebrating their love on this very special day.