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DIY Rustic Wedding

There are a myriad of options for venues and types of wedding celebrations in the state of Connecticut, but a DIY Rustic Wedding at the Candlelight Farms is one of the best. At the DIY Rustic Wedding pictured, the bride and groom chose to enjoy their wedding reception outdoors, under a wide open sky. An outdoor ceremony and reception at a Connecticut farm wedding is a treat for all of the senses. Baring good weather conditions, couples can choose to have the sun shining directly overhead, with no tent covering the event. This couple was blessed with a gorgeous summer day for their nuptials, as can be seen in the image. The brilliant light of the sun beams overhead and gives the designated dining area for the reception a heavenly glow. Glassware sparkles on long picnic style tables. The tables add to the rustic charm of the scene, yet are draped with elegant tablecloths and covered with pristine settings that give the day a luxurious feel. Plated, vibrantly colored salads sit at each chair patiently awaiting the arrival of the guests. Ice water has been poured to quench the thirst of wedding attendees, who had been sitting in the hot sun as they joyfully watched the bride and groom say “I do”. Soon the chairs will be filled with people and this area filled with laughter and love. The tables will still be lovely, but they will be lovely in the way that a home is when it is messy after being filled with family and friends during the holidays. A wedding is not just a celebration of two people becoming husband and wife, it is also a day for loved ones to join together to share food, stories, and dancing. It is a day for people to leave their worries at home, and for them to simply enjoy the magic of the wedding day.