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Ethnic Wedding Photographer

An Ethnic Wedding Photographer captures traditions that represent the culture, values and beliefs of a particular country or group of people. Wedding celebrations that are crafted around religious or cultural rituals have a special sense of unity to them, like everyone involved in the ceremony and festivities is a part of something wonderful and grand. This Indian wedding ceremony took place at the Southington Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar. Gurdwara means “the gateway to the Guru” and is a place of worship for those who practice Sikhism. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion emphasizes social and equality of all human beings. People from all faiths, even those who do not subscribe any faith, are welcome in the gurdwara. A Sikh bride, as seen in this photograph, dresses extravagantly for the wedding. She does this not simply to look and feel her best on her wedding day, but also because marriage is seen as a spiritual journey to connect with God and the bride should honor that in her appearance. This bride wore an elegant and elaborately decorated dress. Jewels adorn the green gown, carefully sewn into intricate floral designs. The crystals and gems that cover the entire dress are light in color, making them especially vivid against the deep green color of the fabric. The gems sparkle brightly as the light bounces off of them, as does the bride’s engagement ring and the bangles that are stacked on her right wrist. The bride sits regally in her gorgeous attire, poised and awaiting the events of the day. Sikh weddings are joyful, lively events, but in this moment the bride sits quietly, contemplating the journey of the marriage and the wonders that will fill the rest of her day.