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Fairfield County Wedding

A Fairfield County Wedding at the Waveny House is an event that is not be missed. The Waveny House is a Town of New Canaan municipal building located in Waveney Town Park. The Waveny House is a Tudor style mansion with leaded glass windows, marble fireplaces, muraled walls, and wood paneled walls and ceilings. This Fairfield County Wedding shows the bride and her father beginning to walk into the church for the wedding ceremony. The bride wears a gorgeous princess-like wedding gown. She is immaculate as she takes her first steps down the aisle on her father’s arm. The bride’s white gown flows down from a strapless sweetheart top. Delicate white lace gloves cover her hands, and a sparkling necklace drips down her neckline in lines of diamonds. The bride covers her face with one of her gloved hands shielding her face in mock shyness from the guests. Her father on the other hand beams proudly as cameras flash around the two. The father of the bride smiles as he begins this walk with his daughter. This is a moment that every father cherishes, a moment that is bittersweet for most. This walk is a culmination of the father having raised his little girl into the miraculous woman she has become. From her first steps in life, to her steps over the stage at her graduations, to this walk down the aisle on her wedding day. He has walked with her through so many other milestones in her life, and now he has the honor of “giving her away” to her husband-to-be.