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Fairfield County Wedding Photographers

Fairfield County Wedding Photographers experience weddings in an area of Connecticut that has a myriad of options for the perfect wedding day. Only the best Fairfield County Wedding Photographers can incorporate the scenes that Fairfield offers with the emotional moments of a wedding day. In this photograph from a Connecticut wedding, the bride and groom stand on an old stone platform, surrounded by the natural beauty of the evening as well as the historic scenery offered by this area of the state. The sky is dark around the bride and groom, as it has become later in the evening of their special day. An off-camera light shines on the scene from behind the two, illuminating their figures. The effect of this lighting makes the bride and groom appear to glow from within, as though the love they share is radiating from their centers and beaming into their surroundings. The only other light in the picture is a lamp that sits on one of the stone pillars which lights the path of the stone stairway. The lighting of the image, along with its location, and the figures of the bride and groom give it a romantic, enchanting ambiance. The bride and groom look like characters from a storybook. They are like an illustration of a prince and princess, who has survived a long journey and now are celebrating their “happily-ever-after”. This picture does not document the end of their story though, this moment, this day, is only the beginning for this stunning couple.