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Garrison Wedding Photos

Garrison Wedding Photos show off a gorgeous area of New York that is perfect for outdoor wedding portraits. Garrison is a hamlet in Putnam County, New York, a beautiful location for Garrison Wedding Photos. Garrison is a part of the town of Philipstown, on the east side area of the Hudson River. It is situated across from West Point Military Academy, and is home to the Garrison, one of Hudson Valley’s most stunning golf courses. The Garrison golf course also boasts an exceptional restaurant, a quaint inn, and is able to host private events such as weddings. In this image from a Garrison wedding, the bride and groom are embracing on a wooded path, surrounded by the natural scenery of Hudson Valley. Blue skies peek through vibrant green tree leaves as the newlyweds hold one another, sharing a tender moment away from the wedding party. The are completely surrounded by shades of green in this space within the woods, giving the scene a feeling of privacy and comfort. The bride and groom look completely at ease with one another, content in their love and filled with joy on this magical day. The groom wears a khaki colored suit, and gently kisses the forehead of his bride. The bride’s gown is heavenly, like something an angel might wear. The bodice of the dress is covered in lace, and the skirt of the gown flows from her waist in layers of tulle. Her hair is pulled back in an elegant bun, from which her veil flows in a waterfall of sheer fabric. The bride closes her eyes and smiles under the attention of the groom. It is a quiet moment in nature, shared by two people who shine with the light of their love.