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Gay Wedding Photographer

As a Gay Wedding Photographer, I try to capture all of the little details that make a couple’s wedding day extra special. A wedding is an event that, regardless of the location or number of guests, is unique to the individuals who are celebrating. This wedding was no exception for a Gay Wedding Photographer. The grooms made the day completely their own, with a very intimate gathering at a private residence. This made for a personal, captivating ceremony, which was followed by an exceptional reception that overflowed with love and carefree fun. The evening was spent in jubilation, with every guest smiling broadly as they danced and chatted the night away. Everywhere guests looked, there was something to see that was chosen specifically by the grooms because it represented them as individual men and as a couple. The idea that the grooms are individuals who make up one amazing team was apparent even in their outfit choices. Each groom chose wedding attire that fit his personal style, but still complemented his husband’s color choices. The groom pictured above, wore a traditional suit with a few twists. For one, the color of his suit jacket was a dark cornflower blue. This groom also wore a silver bow tie with black polka-dots over his pressed, white dress shirt. His husband-to-be also added unique details to his suit, giving each groom the opportunity to express his individuality as the pair became joined as spouses. These details may seem small, but they make all the difference in creating a wedding day that fits the couple.