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Guastavino's Wedding

Guastavino’s Wedding event space in New York is known for its incredible architecture. The venue is a designated New York City landmark with a rich and extensive history. Guastavino’s is situated under the 59th Street Bridge, with its soaring granite arches and catalan vaulted tile ceiling. The area underneath the bridge consists of a buff-colored canopy of tile vaults designed by Rafael Guastavino, an architect from Barcelona, which is how the space got its name. The venue officially came into being in 1997 as two restaurants, Guastavino’s and Club Guastavino. It was eventually determined, based on the sheer size of the space and the numerous requests for private functions, that it would be best for Guastavino’s solely host private events. In 2005, Guastavino’s New York event venue reopened as a premier event space and a coveted location for weddings. This Guastavino’s Wedding photo shows the bride and groom within the glory of the venue.  I took the photo from above the couple, on a balcony, to allow for some semblance of privacy. In the resulting picture, the bride glides down the spiral staircase to her love, as he stands anxiously waiting for the moment that he can turn around to see her. This is the moment of the couple’s first look, before the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom each wear a smile -- the bride’s smile a bit mischievous and the groom’s filled with anticipation. It was a day abounding in excitement and the pair was a model of what a devoted, affectionate relationship should be