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Harkness Park Wedding Photos

The Harkness Memorial State Park is a seaside, 230 acre Connecticut state park and botanical garden. Here, Harkness Park Wedding Photos are taken amid the beautiful scenery along the Long Island Sound. Weddings at Harkness Park take place at Eolia, a Renaissance Revival mansion. The mansion is magnificent, with 42 rooms, formal gardens, and multiple greenhouses. The mansion’s original tenants were the Harkness family, who used the elegant estate as a summer home. The state park was later named after the family, and the sweeping lawns and spectacular gardens are cared for in their memory. Aside from the gardens, guests of a Harkness Park wedding will enjoy panoramic views of the Long Island Sound from Eolia. Many of the Harkness Park Wedding Photos I took displayed that gorgeous shore view, or the scenery of the parks many gardens. This image of the bride was taken in a “secret” garden on the property. The photograph is black and white, creating an image that is everlasting. The black and white coloring also highlights the contrast of the bride’s white dress with the darker shades of the stones and the shadows of the trees. I took this picture through the leaves and branches of a garden tree to give the impression that the bride is taking a private moment for herself. She stands in the stone archway that leads into the garden as her hands gently push aside the intricate iron gates. She pauses, looking down at the grass and flowers at her feet, careful to not step on any of the beauty that grows there. She is quietly happy, a smile playing on her lips as she gazes down at the earth. A moment on the wedding day that is just for her, filled with peace and reflection.