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Hoboken Wedding Photographer

As a Hoboken Wedding Photographer I have experienced a number of lovely venues, including Kolo Klub, Barsky Gallery, Room 84, the W Hoboken, and Crystal Plaza. Hoboken is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey with an incredibly rich history. The city has grown immensely over the years, which can be largely attributed to its proximity to Manhattan. Hoboken is part of the New York Metropolitan Area and is the site of Hoboken Terminal, a major transportation hub for the region. The city is located on the Hudson River waterfront and has been an integral part of the Port of New York and New Jersey. Hoboken has become a prime location for those who want to live in an area that provides easy access to New York City, but do not wish to actually reside in it. The scenery of the Hoboken waterfront is unbeatable for a Hoboken Wedding Photographer. This picture shows a Hoboken couple who began their relationship in this blooming city. I took the picture of the pair as they walked along one of the city’s picturesque piers, with the New York City skyline majestic in the background. The skyline shines brightly under a blue sky. Fluffy white clouds float among the tops of buildings that reach up toward the sun. The bride and groom are alone on the pier, aside from their dog, a goldendoodle. The groom is dashing in a black tuxedo with a black buttoned white dress shirt and a black bow tie. The bride wears a gorgeous strapless, white, satin gown. The dress is adorned with a simple jeweled necklace and the bride wears her hair down, allowing it to blow in the gentle river breeze. As they walk, the shadows of the couple seem to become one, symbolic of their union in marriage.