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Hudson Valley Wedding Photo

A beautiful Hudson Valley Wedding Photo can be taken outdoors at any of the gorgeous venues in the area. One of the loveliest locations for a Hudson Valley Wedding Photo is the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa. This image from a Buttermilk Falls wedding was captured at Henry’s at the Farm. Henry’s is part of the 40 acre Millstone Farm, whose kitchen and gardens produce fresh greens, organic fruits and vegetables, herbs, honey, and eggs. Henry’s is known for sourcing ingredients local to the Hudson River Valley and primarily works with those who practice organic farming and humane animal husbandry. A wedding at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa keeps to the values promoted by Henry’s and provides wedding attendees with delicious food that each person can feel good about. This photo shows two white geese standing at the door to Henry’s at Buttermilk Falls. The curious animals peer into the building, gently tapping on the glass door. The geese live here on the farm, and frequently can be seen wandering about the grounds. Inside, a chef stands at a counter. He and his team of cooks have been working all day to prepare food for a wedding reception. They will serve guests treats that have been made consciously and the food will be raved about for days to come. Surrounding Henry’s are woods, filled with greenery that closes around the sides of the building like a warm hug. The scene perfectly captures the natural essence of Henry’s and the rest Buttermilk Falls.  A wonderful Hudson Valley photo can be taken at great venues such as Belltower Venue, Oak Hill, FEAST at Round Hill, Sixty5 on Main, Tappan Hill Mansion, Senate Garage, Falkirk Estate and Country Club, Cedar Lakes Estate, The Palladian Barn, and The Art Barn.