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Hudson Valley Wedding Photos

Hudson Valley Wedding Photos exhibit the exceptional natural scenery of this area in New York. Set only a short distance from New York City, Hudson Valley is home to a number of venues that embody 19th century elegance and provide an enchanting setting for a storybook wedding. This outdoor wedding made for gorgeous and unique Hudson Valley Wedding Photos. The picture shows a fuzzy close up of the bride, with special focus on her hand. On her ring finger sit her engagement ring and her wedding band. The pair of rings are covered in small diamonds that sparkle in the sunlight, with on bigger diamond shining at the center of the engagement ring. Her perfectly manicured nails are poised in the air, as a butterfly rests on her fingertips. The butterfly is a Monarch, noticeable by its distinct black, orange, and white wings. It is a moment of grace and calm, with the bride holding her breath for an instant, hoping that she won’t scare this beautiful creature away. The butterfly is like a sign, or a symbol of the transformations that have occurred on this blessed day. The course of the relationship between the bride and groom has undergone a few changes over time. They began as acquaintances, then began to date and became boyfriend and girlfriend. When the time was right, they became engaged and began to plan their wedding day. Finally, in the last stage of this chapter of their metamorphosis, the bride and groom have donned a gown and suit to stand in front of loved ones and proclaim their love. From this day forward they will be joined as one, one team that will fly forward together into the next adventure.