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Indian Wedding Photographer

An Indian Wedding Photographer becomes immersed in several days of ritual and joyful celebration. Indian weddings are a cultural affair, with guest lists ranging from about 100 to 10,000. Wedding attendees frequently are not even directly known by the bride and groom. Pictured is one of the guests, looking steadily into the camera as family members rejoice in the background. The man stands regal in a pin-striped suit, with a checked purple tie and matching lavender turban. The guests at the wedding all come in vibrantly colored finery, ready to engage in the festivities. As an Indian Wedding Photographer, I have a unique view of the events and I get to document the extensive merriment. The traditional Indian wedding is about uniting two families, just as much as it is about the marriage of the bride and groom. The day is one that it filled with happy reunions and the forging of new relationships that will last for years to come.