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Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

The northern coastline of Florida is a lovely place for a Jacksonville Wedding Photographer. Jacksonville is known for being the cultural, commercial, and financial center of North Florida, and the city is filled with beauty, history, and life, making it a perfect location for a wedding celebration and for a Jacksonville Wedding Photographer. This image from a venue in the Sunshine State city shows the bride and groom embracing on the dance floor at their reception. The picture was taken during the couple’s first dance as newlyweds. The groom dips the bride back in his arms for a dramatic kiss in the middle of the ballroom, to the delight of guests. Spot lights that line the walls of the room and chandeliers overhead give the scene a warm glow. The couple shine beneath the lights, and love beams out from the two, touching every person in the room. The bride and groom make a classic, deliriously happy pair The bride wears a vintage style dress that is covered in layers of ivory lace and satin. Satin buttons run up and down the back of the gown, giving her the appearance of an old movie star. The groom wears a traditional black tuxedo, as he dips his bride back on the dance floor. The moment is one of romance and fun, a vibe that filled the entirety of this Jacksonville wedding day. Around the bride and groom guests look on in affection, some trying to snap pictures of the tender moment with their own cameras.