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Liberty Warehouse Wedding

A Liberty Warehouse Wedding is set on Pier 41, which is located in the historic shipping yards of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The venue’s structure was built in the 1850’s, before the Civil War. Since that time the Liberty Warehouse has undergone a number of changes, and has been renovated into the charming event space that now sits at the edge of the New York Harbor. The Liberty Warehouse is the only venue is all of New York from which the Statue of Liberty can be seen directly from the front as she looks toward France. The venue boasts two large event rooms with expansive windows that display incredible views of the sunset and of New York. Liberty also has two smaller spaces for more intimate celebrations. The smaller rooms are just as lovely as the larger two, and all four have wood burning fireplaces that give each area a cozy, elegant ambiance. This photograph from a Liberty Warehouse Wedding shows guests outside on the waterfront. Four children run about at the edge of the water, attempting to catch fireflies in their small hands. One of the fathers of the children stands watch over the kids as they play, and also gets a moment of peace outside of the venue. He looks out at the city lights on the horizon, twinkling in the inky black of the summer night. Other lights shine into the sky, beacons of the bright future ahead, as the children zip around, pure symbols of the carefree joy that has marked this wonderful day.