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Manhattan Wedding Photographer

A Manhattan Wedding Photographer is able to experience a wide variety of wedding venues. One of the most sought after by couples is the Manhattan Penthouse, which stands tall at the center of the Big Apple. From this coveted space a Manhattan Wedding Photographer is privy to what has been boasted as being the best 360 degree views of any event hall in the city. The exceptional skyline views, a gorgeous interior space, and excellent service make the Manhattan Penthouse one of the top event venues in the area. The venue hosts a myriad of events -- from photo shoots, brainstorming workshops, and corporate events, to birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding receptions. This photograph shows the groom of this Penthouse wedding celebration preparing for the day and looking out at the spectacular Manhattan skyline view. The expression on the groom’s face is candid and full of joy as he gazes out the window. Light streams in, illuminating his already brilliant smile. It is a genuine smile that reaches his dark eyes and shines out of them in an almost childlike wonder. The groom is not only amazed by the scene before him, but also by the fact that he will soon be marrying his best friend, the woman of his dreams. Colors in the photo are simple, keeping attention on the face of the groom and his expression in this moment. The stark contrast of the white shirt, black tie, and the groom’s dark hair, along with the black and white setting behind him, draw focus to his eyes and to his easy grin. He has been waiting for this day since the second he met his bride, and now it is finally here.