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Martha's Vineyard Wedding Photography

Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photography captures scenes from a location that makes for an extra special wedding day. This image from a collection of Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photography depicts the setting of a perfect wedding getaway on the enchanting Massachusetts island. In the photograph, the bride and groom embrace as they look out from the New England shoreline. They smile into the future together, faces glowing from the merriment of the day and the attention of the late afternoon sunlight. The image of the couple is a little bit blurred to capture the fluidness of the moment. This is a time of exciting movement in the couple’s life and a time of transition for them in regard to their relationship. The blurred picture is symbolic of that happy movement, and a reminder of the fact that this day is anything but a stagnant. The bride and groom are like beacons of radiant love at the center of the image, with the New England water flowing behind them. At the forefront of the picture, the bride’s hands come into focus as they wrap around the groom. On the bride’s left ring finger, a diamond engagement ring glistens. The ring is simple, yet elegant, and sits delicately on the bride’s finger as another token of the love shared by her and the groom. The day was filled with little symbols and moments that represented the magic of this relationship. As a good photograph I tried to capture each one, so that years from now the couple can look back on their wedding photos and reminisce on the wonderful occasion that was their wedding day.