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Mystic Connecticut Wedding

A Mystic Connecticut Wedding is a wonderful event that takes place along the water. Mystic is a village in Connecticut that is not recognized as its own municipality, although many think that it is. Mystic is actually located within the towns of Groton and Stonington, which can be found to the west and east of the Mystic River, respectively. Historically, Mystic is known for being a leading seaport in the New England area. The village is now home to Mystic Seaport, the nation’s largest maritime museum. The history and picturesque setting of the village make a Mystic Connecticut Wedding once that all who attend will recall for years to come. This picture shows the precious moments before the wedding ceremony at a quaint Mystic church. In the image, one of the bridesmaids peeks her head in through the large wooden church doors to see if those within the building are ready for the bride to enter. The bridesmaid wears a royal blue dress that comes just to her knees. On her feet are high heeled sandals, in a nude color and with straps that wrap around her ankles. Each of the bridesmaids wore a matching dress, and heels in neutral colors. The bridesmaid’s bouquet is held outside the door, highlighted by the dark color of the wood and framed by its wrought iron hinges. The bouquet is made up of flowers in varying shades of pink -- some dark and some so light they appear to be white. In a few minutes the bridesmaids will line up in the vestibule of the church and prepare the way down the aisle for the bride.