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Mystic Seaport Wedding Pictures

The picturesque views provided by Mystic Seaport make Mystic Seaport Wedding Pictures especially beautiful to see. Mystic Seaport, also known as the the Museum of America and the Sea, is the largest maritime museum in the United States. The seaport is most notable for its collection of sailing ships and boats, and for its quaint seaside village. Mystic Seaport consists of more than 60 original historic buildings, four seafaring vessels that have been recognized as National Historic Landmarks, and at least 12 other boats with exceptionally rich histories. This picture from a selection of Mystic Seaport Wedding Pictures shows the groom and his groomsmen in front of a scene on the Mystic River. Behind the groomsmen the river flows, with one of Mystic Seaport’s renowned historic ships floating on its surface. The men wear dark gray suits with white dress shirts. Each wear a navy blue tie, with the exception of the groom who wears a white tie. The image is a merry one, with the groom and his men having fun as they have their pictures taken as a bridal party. It is an incredibly happy scene, and the men goof around together like kids. They are swept up in the joy and fun of this special day, messing around with the groom who is the center of attention in this picture. The smile on the face of each man is telling of how truly exuberant this day has been and will continue to be. It is a day for the jubilant celebration of love and friendship.