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Mystic Wedding Photographers

The setting of a Mystic Seaport wedding is a perfect backdrop for Mystic Wedding Photographers to make use of for exceptional pictures. Mystic Wedding Photographers Are able to capture images that showcase unmatched views of coastal Connecticut. The seaport is the only maritime museum in the nation and the quaint, seaside village is home to a number of famous ships and historic structures. In this picture, the bride and groom stand before one of the old buildings that line the shore of the Mystic River. The photo shows the couple after their wedding ceremony. They gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes, their expressions radiant from the joy that has filled this special day. Behind the newlyweds the sky is painted bright blue with white clouds swirling over it. The building behind the couple is a rustic wooden structure. The wooden planks that make up the building are dark from weathering, as the small abode has stood strong for years beside the river. In the right corner of the photograph the Mystic River peeks out from behind the building. It is a scene that seems almost surreal. The background looks like the work of an artist, with the bride and groom adding to an already beautiful scene. The bride is stunning in a classic white gown with a strapless sweetheart top. Her blonde hair is curled and pulled back loosely beneath her wedding veil. The groom wears a charcoal suit, with a white dress shirt and a white tie. The bride’s bouquet adds a pop of color to the image, with flowers of pale pink and yellow blooming from it’s center. The couple beam at each other, embracing this day that has taken them from bride and groom, to wife and husband.