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New England Destination Weddings

New England Destination Weddings are unique and memorable occasions. Guests at New England Destination Weddings typically do not need to have traveled too far, and get to experience a celebration that is surrounded by the natural beauty that defines the area. This image shows the bride and groom sharing their first dance under the lights of the reception tent. Their autumn celebration, held at the picturesque Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, was a beautiful event. The tented reception allowed the couple to have more room for guests and provided easy access to the exquisite Vermont scenery that surrounded them. To keep out the chill of the fall evening air, the couple chose to use a tent with sides. This did not obstruct the view of the grounds though, as the tent walls were lined with elegantly shaped windows. Guests fill the space within the tent, and create a circle around the bride and groom as they sway to the music of the song that plays. The guests look on lovingly at the pair who are now husband and wife. The newlyweds hold one another close, with content smiles on their faces. The bride rests her head against the cheek of her husband and closes her eyes, joy etched on her expression. This moment is one that depicts the calm that has settled over the couple now that the wedding planning and ceremony have come to an end. All that is left is for them to dance, celebrate, and spend the rest of the day basking in the feeling of wedded bliss. Perfect venues for New England destination weddings include Lighthouse Inn, Eagle Mountain House & Golf Club, Christmas Farm Inn & Spa, Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn, The Red Lion Inn, Dan’l Webster Inn and Spa, Inn at Middletown, Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, and Colony Hotel.