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New England Same Sex Wedding Photographer

As a New England Same Sex Wedding Photographer, I have experienced a number of wonderful venues in the area. The region has been a popular spot for same sex weddings because it was the area that had the earliest and most wide legal support. Regardless of where the weddings are held though, there is always a personal touch added to each event. This particular wedding ceremony was held outdoors and was followed by a tent reception. The tent canopy was lined with lights during the celebration, giving the space an ambiance of enchantment and romance. In the background of the photo, vibrant yellow and orange flowers can be seen reaching up toward the ceiling, while guests mill about the reception, talking, laughing, and drinking with friends. The event is in full swing, with everyone on their feet to join in the merry occasion. The grooms showed off their individual styles with the choices they made in their wedding attire. The groom pictured to the left wears a wool suit jacket in charcoal gray. A single copper button closes the suit over his white dress shirt and maroon tie. The groom to the right wears a cognac suit jacket, with a white dress shirt and tie that is striped with black, red, and white. Both men have gelled back their hair and look incredibly dapper on their big day. The pair stand close for a picture taken by a guest, the happiness of the day evident on their faces. This is an evening that the couple will never forget.