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New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

As a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer, there are many beautiful wedding venues to photograph at including Rivermill at Dover Landing, Red Jacket Mountain View, Whitney's Inn at Jackson, Stonebridge Country Club, Omni Mount Washington Resort, Manchester Country Club, the Notchland Inn, Purity Spring Resort, and Waterville Valley Resort. New Hampshire, located in the New England area, is defined by its quaint towns and expanses of breath-taking wilderness. With all the beauty that surrounds a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer, it is essential to also take pictures of the small details that make a wedding truly special for each unique bride and groom. This image details the bride’s engagement ring, and was taken as she prepared for her big day. The bride and her maids spent most of the morning having their hair and makeup and done so that they would feel picture-perfect for the celebrations. As the ladies got ready, I took pictures of the little details, like this ring. The engagement ring and wedding rings are a piece of a wedding that often do not get a lot of attention in pictures. According to a tradition that is believed to date back to the Romans, a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand because it was thought that there was a vein in that finger that connected directly to the heart. The ring is a symbol of the love and pure devotion of shared by the bride and groom. It is a small symbol, with immeasurable meaning. This close up of the bride’s ring highlights the sparkle and geometric shapes of the center diamond. The yellow gold of the band shines, and its reflection can be seen in the glass top of the table it sits on.  The ring glows as sunlight from a nearby window brushes over it, ready for the bride to slip it back on her finger to meet her love in marriage.