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New Haven Wedding Photographers

The best New Haven Wedding Photographers know how to take pictures at a wedding that capture the beauty of the setting and the joy of the day. New Haven Wedding Photographers know the importance of taking pictures of the bride that will allow her to have tangible memories from her special day. This black and white image of the bride dancing with her grandfather is one that she will surely cherish for years to come. This New Haven wedding reception took place under a large event tent, with open sides so that guests could enjoy the summer breeze and the Connecticut scenery surrounding the space. Strings of lights twinkle above the dance floor, like fairies moving along to the beat of the music that fills the tent. Below the sparkle of the lights, the bride dances in her wedding gown. Her gown is a vintage style dress, that is covered in designs of lace. Tiny satin buttons run down the back of the dress, adding intricate details to the already beautiful wedding gown. The bride wears her dark curled hair loosely over her shoulders, and it floats about her as she spins and twirls with her grandfather. The grandfather of the bride is having a grand time at the wedding of his granddaughter. He watched his own children get married, but there is a special significance and emotion that comes with watching a grandchild celebrate the milestone of marriage. From the joyful expression on his face it is clear that there is nowhere that the bride’s grandfather would rather be than celebrating this special moment.