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New York City Wedding Photography

New York City Wedding Photography captures the scenes at a variety of exquisite venues throughout the virile city. There are so many wonderful locations for city weddings including the Foundry, the Central Park Boathouse, the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, Banchet Flowers and the Flower Bar, the Prince George Ballroom, and Marina Del Rey. Marina Del Rey offers ample opportunities for quality New York City Wedding Photography. The venue is located in the Bronx, but its likeness to a Mediterranean seaside villa gives newlyweds and their guests a sense that they are out of the city. In this way Marina Del Rey gives wedding guests the best of both worlds. The location allows guests to feel that they have been transported to an exotic spot, yet still presents them with incredible views of New York City. While the setting of a wedding at Marina Del has its allure, the bride is the focus of this photo. At a break in the celebrations, the bride took time to have her make-up and hair touched up. In the image, she closes her eyes as a friend sprays her hair to hold it in place. The hairspray and the light illuminating the bride’s face give her an ethereal glow. She looks like a goddess in a mythological tale or a queen of some far away land. The bride is serene in this moment, a content smile on her lips as she is pampered with love. There are so many wonder venues in NYC from The Foundry, The Central Park Boathouse, Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers , Angel Oresanz Center, The Prince George Ballroom, The Delegates' Dining Room at the United Nations, Banchet Flowers and the Flower Bar, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Gotham Hall, Cafe St. Bart's at St. Bartholomew's Church, & The Metropolitan Building.