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Outdoor Wedding in Connecticut

An Outdoor Wedding in Connecticut is always a charming occasion, especially when it is held in Fairfield County. This Outdoor Wedding in Connecticut was an extra special event, with unique touches and details that made it an individual experience for the couple being celebrated. The picture was taken at a private estate in Fairfield. Hosting a wedding at a private residence allows a couple to make the day a very personal event. Each detail of the wedding day is carefully chosen and arranged by the couple, who have total control over their nuptials and the party to follow. This photograph displays one of those incredibly unique details. Rather than give guests a sheet of paper that would give times and locations for the wedding events, this couple decided to put the schedule of the day on a large sign. The sign is created with rustic wooden planks, with each item on its own plank. The first item lists “S + S: 5.24.15” to indicated the date of the wedding and the joining of the couple, whose names both happen to begin with the letter “S”. the following planks give guests instructions as to the timing of pre-ceremony drinks, the marriage ceremony, speeches by friends and family, dinner, dancing and music, and an after-reception fireside pizza party. Below this list of times and events is the information for guests to log into and share pictures on a wedding pics app. This type of app allows guests and the newlyweds to share all of the candid images that they take throughout the day on a space that is just for the wedding. Around the sign greenery flourishes, and a beautiful wedding day begins.