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Outdoor Wedding in New Haven

An Outdoor Wedding in New Haven, Connecticut is a celebration filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. An Outdoor Wedding in New Haven allows couples and their guests to enjoy the scenery of Connecticut as they participate in the events of the day. This photograph captured wedding guests dancing in the reception tent, surrounded by a beautiful Connecticut summer night. The focus of the image is two guests whose image depicts the carefree fun that was had throughout the day. The guest on the right stares directly into the camera, an expression on his face that is almost comically stoic. At this point in the evening, his blue and white striped tie has been loosen and the top button of his white dress shirt undone. He wears bright yellow sunglasses that had been given out as favors at the wedding, with one lens popped out. One eye is covered by a dark sunglass lens, while the other shines out from the yellow frame. His hair is tousled from dancing wildly under the canopy of tent and his date hangs tiredly on his shoulder. Behind them other wedding attendees mill about the scene: talking, dancing, drinking, and enjoying this incredible night. The figures of the other guests are unfocused, giving a sense of movement to the image. Twinkling strings of tiny lights sparkle in the darkness of the picture’s background, adding a warm glow to the happy scene. The festivities of the night are winding down, and soon the tired guests will begin to make their way home, where they will dream sweetly of the fun had on this very special wedding day.