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Outdoor Wedding in Vermont

An Outdoor Wedding in Vermont is gorgeous during any season. This autumn Outdoor Wedding in Vermont was lovely to behold. In the picture, the bride and groom walk hand and hand in a wide green field. The Vermont scenery is spread out before them, a breath-taking image of natural beauty. Above the couple, the sky is a clear blue color, with a few clouds puffs scattered over it like cotton. Trees reach up wildly toward the blue, their branches gently swaying in the cool fall breeze. Their leaves have mostly turned, creating a blanket of foliage over the mountain side and rolling hills that serve as a backdrop in this image. It is the middle of the fall season in Vermont, so some trees have held their green coloring, while others have shifted to shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow. The green, beautifully manicured lawn of the wedding venue takes up the remainder of the photograph. Shadows dance over the lawn, tangoing with the sun beams that shimmer over the land. The bride and groom walk calmly forward, towards the warm sun-lit areas of the lawn. They move slowly, taking in each second of this magical day. They love having their family and friends with them to celebrate their marriage, but having this time to be just with each other and to reflect has been essential. The bride and groom enjoy this quietude, and use it to bask in the joy of their new marriage. As they step forward into the sun, they step forward into a very bright future together.