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Palm House Wedding

A Palm House Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is a beautiful event. Here, guests can leave the stresses of the city behind and simply enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the garden. The glass-walled Palm House is the perfect space for an unforgettable wedding day. The building is enchanting on its own and it becomes even more so when it is filled with the  centerpieces, lights, and people of a Palm House Wedding reception. Guests can experience the stunning gardens, the delicious fare, and the celebrations of the evening in this floral paradise. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is a gem in the midst of a busy city that attracts brides and grooms from all over. This particular bride and groom chose to have their reception at the Palm  House and it was a divine occasion. It was the little details that made the setting truly lovely. This photograph shows the centerpieces that adorned each of the tables at the reception. In a venue already filled with flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors, the couple decided to keep their centerpieces simple. The clear mason jars, like the one pictured, contained three flowers, each a different shade of pink. Around the top of the jar was a thin, graceful, gold bow. The table numbers were tied to empty wine bottles, in which a variety of unassuming flora were placed. These components may seem trivial, but it’s the little things that make all the difference.