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Palm House Wedding Pics

Palm House Wedding Pics at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are magical keepsakes. This venue is filled with breath-taking flower gardens and has an enchanting aura about it. The building of the Palm House is encased in glass, allowing couples and their guests to celebrate surrounded by the natural beauty of the gardens, while still enjoying the comforts of being indoors. Palm House Wedding Pics often show the beauty of the location, but this particular photo is less about the loveliness of the venue and more about the grace of the bride. The picture is taken before the wedding ceremony, before the bride has put on her wedding gown. She wears a flannel button down, and patiently sits as her make-up and hair are being done. In the image, the bride gazes straight ahead, thinking about the moments to come on her special day. As the bride contemplates the future, a makeup artist paints her lips in a natural pink hue, as though she were painting a masterpiece. The lights around the bride are blurred, giving them a heavenly glow and drawing attention to her face. She is the center of this photo because, after all, the day does belong to her and to her groom.