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Potomac Wedding Photographer

A Potomac Wedding Photographer experiences gorgeous wedding events in one of most affluent areas of the United States. Potomac, Maryland is located along the Potomac River and is a short distance from Washington, DC. A Potomac Wedding Photographer is able to capture amazing views along the river. In this black and white image the bride and groom are about to have their first look moment. A first look is when the groom sees the bride right before the wedding ceremony. This is a precious moment for the bride and groom, and one that is becoming increasingly popular with couples. In this instant, the groom is able to see the woman he loves in her wedding dress, ready to be his bride and soon his wife. A first look photograph allows the bride and groom to see one another without their family and friends around. While it is extremely meaningful to couples that their loved ones are able to join them on their special day, it is also nice for them to get this time alone. In this picture, the groom stands on a wooded path, waiting for the bride to tap him on the shoulder so that he may turn to see her for the first time in her gown. The bride tip toes up to him, attempting to walk quietly, but leaves crunch under her feet as she steps forward. This small noise lets the groom know that she is there and his expression becomes anxious and excited with anticipation. The bride smiles coyly, as she reaches out to her love, ready for him to turn to face her, and to walk with him into their very bright future.